Inspired by its namesake town in France, Avignon is a place where gastronomy and fine art go hand-in-hand. With a focus on emotional and physical well-being, every dish showcases intricate flavor profiles and beautiful plating.

Head Chef Tony Yu studied at the Culinary Institute of America and has extensive experience working as a sous chef in high end vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan and Canada. Applying techniques in both Western and Eastern cooking, Tony’s passion for vegetarian cuisine is manifested in the natural cuisine at Avignon. The seasonally changing menu reflects the freshest harvest of the land, and each plate is carefully crafted to bring new revelations to the palette.

Co-Founder Yuhan Chen is a graduate of the Arts University Bournemouth and worked at the Guan-Xiang Fine Art Gallery, where she enabled a collaborative exhibition between France and Taiwan. Continuing her passion for expanding fine arts in Taiwan, the Avignon Art Gallery seeks to be a medium for artists to converse and push the boundaries of art.

At Avignon, we believe what goes around, comes around. All ingredients are sourced locally in support of the local farming community and to provide customers with the freshest and most healthy food. By doing so, we hope to instigate a sense of positivity and collaboration in the people around us and ultimately makes the world a better place.
Premier menu at restaurant.