Shiu, Hui-Yuan

The artist leads us to all around the world, and shows us her imagination throught the picture.



Shi, Yanlun & Tsao, Ichu
​The Golden Heart
14 Dec. 2017 - 10 Apr. 2018 

Opening Reception: 
15:00 16 Dec. 2017

The Dalai Lama said we urgently need the people who can bring world peace, heal the world, repair the world, tell stories and understand love. We are inspired by this words, so we illustrate some stories that we are touched by. We hope this good stories can be told to many other people who have not heared these before. Through our painting, the legacies can be passed on. 

The people we draw, they are not supermen, neither beat monsters. They have the heart to make the world better through their ways. One of them trid to save people`s physical body, and also heal the mind. They are real people who live at this time. We appreciate their action may save the world.
Wanibuchi, Miki
Stay beyond (the boundary)
15 Jun. - 18 Oct. 2017 

Opening Reception: 
15:00 17 Jun. 2017

The boundary line that lies between us is like the skin that tells us we can never be completely identical. I believe it is like the horizon. Even if we thought we reached out and touched it with our hand we could not go the other side of the line. But that’s alright. That’s because knowing should not be such an easy thing. In the far off boundary line shown in white, there is a landscape seen by the artist. You would not truly know the things seen by the artist in the real meaning. However, I want you to try and follow the process of deconstructing each colour of the scenery as if tracing the artist’s thoughts. Hopefully your imagination will work as it tries to understand the true landscape seen by someone other than yourself. When you notice the boundary line, I want to recall the true beauty of the ability granted to human, this power of imagination. So that people can greet the world and the calm, kind future, which is embraced in whatever form it comes.

Shiu, Hui-Yuan & Liu, Hui-Ying
12 Apr. - 13 Jun. 2017 

Tony`s mother and Yuhan`s mother bring their work to Avignon gallery. Bring your mother to Avignon to have fun!

Lin, Yichun
15 Dec. 2016 - 11 Apr. 2017 

Opening Reception: 
15:00 17 Dec. 2016

From paper-cutting to oil painting, creating these new images. The pictures give spectators some clues. To different people, always remainning different stories from their previous experience. The most interesting part is the process between viewers and art work. That is what Lin, Tichun attends to do.
Zhong, Kuanghua 
10 Aug. - 13 Dec. 2016 

Opening Reception: 
15:00 13 Aug. 2016
Gallery Talks:              
14:30 20 Aug. 2016

With colourful paintings, Zhong, Kuanghua leads us to a warm and poetic world. It is with full of joy and inspiration.

From traditional Chinese painting to morden Acrylic painting, She chose primary colour and circles to expriess her origial idea and imagination.